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English Version. To participate in the “II Convocatoria Internacional de Arte Correo de C.E.L”

You are kindly invited to participate in the “II Convocatoria Internacional de Arte Correo de C.E.L”. We are organizing this contest as part of the celebration of the 14oth anniversary of the Centro Educativo Latinoamericano (C.E.L) and the 25th anniversary of Comunidad La Paz (C.E.L.P).

We were motivated by the words “Abriendo Puertas” which is the title of the book that tells the story of our school and we decided to use them as the theme for the production of Mail Art. These words are the starting point to imagine, create and reactivate the discussion about our goals and projects. At the same time, they allow us to combine our educational and artistic practicum with our social commitment.

How to participate:
We are inviting all artist and general public, no matter their age or residence

Technique: free
Size: 13x18 cm
Quantity: 2 (one for each institution)
End of reception: May 22th 2015
Please include name of the artist, e-mail and post code at the back of the piece
Requirements: all the pieces should be sent by postal mail to the institutions’ postal addresses that appeared at the bottom of this invitation. All the pieces should be published if there is no offensive content on them.
There is no selection jury, no return and the pieces will not be commercialized
We will exhibit the received works in each institution from May 28th to June 28th
A certificate will be sent to all participants via e-mail
All the works will be exhibited permanently in our blog. We will upload the works to our blog once received in each institution. And they will be published in: hht://artecorreoabriendopuertascel.blogspot.com.ar

Organizers: Prof. Carla Romano  -  Computer Science Area
                       Prof. Rocío Martin – Fine Arts Area
Organizing Committee: Prof. Viviana Andrada  

Send to:
Centro Educativo Latinoamericano                                        Comunidad Educativa La Paz
“Abriendo Puertas”                                                                      “Abriendo Puertas”
Av. Pellegrini 1352                                                                         La Paz 5615
CP 2000                                                                                              CP 2000
Rosario, Santa Fe                                                                           Rosario, Santa Fe
Argentina                                                                                          Argentina

http://artecorreoabriendo puertascel.blogspot.com.ar/ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009072200651&fref=ts

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